Scholarship Foundation Offers Guest Speakers


The Maryland Society of Accountants Scholarship Foundation is always looking for new opportunities to meet and speak with students pursuing accounting studies.  From an informal pizza party at a club meeting to a class presentation, we would love the chance to offer insight into the profession as well as answer any questions you might have.

Recently, Foundation Trustees Sandi Schultz and Michael Blair visited Towson University to speak to their Accounting Club.  Pizza and sodas were provided and offered a very casual atmosphere.  As Sandi stated, she was very impressed with the response- over 25 students took part in a lively discussion on "life in the real world as an accountant".  Students asked a variety of questions regarding how to prepare for employment, recommendations for a successful career, the benefits of owning your own practice and how to purchase an accounting practice.

If your professor or Accounting Club would be interested in having the Scholarship Foundation speak, please contact Heather Shipley at 800-922-9672 or